Friday, March 4, 2011

Save Time, Money, and Sanity: Send a Card Anywhere in the World Right from Your PC

Sending a Greeting card practically anywhere in the world just got a lot easier, cheaper, and faster with

CASPER, WY -- Mar 04, 2011 / ( -- offers the ability to send a card anywhere at any time. offers their world greeting card mailing service for an additional charge of $0.90 when the card is shipped outside of the US.

The shipping out of country option allows customer to easily mail a card right from their PC. Customers can add their personalized signature and special note. Bluebird Cards prints the special message right in the card and prints the addressed right onto the envelope including the purchasers return address, giving the impression that the customer mailed the card themselves.

Mailing a card with a few easy clicks and entering the address is all it takes to send a card on The World mailing service lets the customer get on with their day and not have to wait in a Post Office for that extra postage for shipping overseas, does it for them. As always uses real stamps on the envelopes making the card not look like all that junk mail, giving it that special touch to stand out and be noticed.

For a map of the countries that has delivered to visit:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Power of Thank You

In today's world of emails and impersonal electronic responses where has the heartfelt thank you gone? Up in smoke, I guess? As our would becomes more digital we often forget about the little things in life and focus on the big fast paced things happening on our computers.
When was the last time you gave or received a thank you card? Did it make you stop and think about that person or the gift/ kindness you did for them? Think about harnessing this emotion with your customers. Thank you cards are a great way to retain customers. Once a new customer comes in and places an order (no matter how big or small) remind that new customer that they are special to your business and you appreciate them coming and doing business with you. A simple card in the mail is a great way of alternative marketing instead droning on TV and radio to get new customers remind the old ones that you are here for them and care. Showing you care about your specific customers can blossom in to great word of mouth showing that you are customer oriented. Returning customers are what keep businesses humming think about dropping a customer loyalty coupon in the card and look for that customer to walk in the door in the next few weeks.
Response time counts when sending out your note, on average a sending the card within a couple of days will properly convey your gratitude.

Here are a few different opportunities to thank people:
• A new client/customer
• Existing client/customer who gives you a new project
• Someone who makes a referral to your company
• A peer who gives you helpful advice
• As a follow-up after a meeting or phone call
• For a job well done by an employee, vendor, or associate
• When someone shows you a kindness

Oh and, Thank You for Reading!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

BlueBird Cards Press Release: New Company Revolutionizes Greeting Card Landscape

New website removes all the hassles of sending and buying greeting cards. Ever forget you wife’s birthday or your anniversary? Not anymore, will send quality cards to your loved one on time, so you never forget.

Store front greeting cards are a thing of the past; new website sells and carries out all the work needed to give a greeting card for any occasion. An entire years worth of card giving can be accomplished with just one visit to Select a card, personalize it, and choose delivery options for all your greeting card occasions; great for person and business needs. is a web based company with the business objective to remove all the hassle of picking out and sending greeting cards. Picking out the card is what you make of it. For fast and easy cards selection, all one needs to do is use the express option by selecting the occasion and mood of the card (friendly, comical, romantic, etc.). will pick and prepare the appropriate card from the given information. On the other hand, those customers who wish to be more involved can browse through all the cards and choose the one they want. Addressing and mailing large quantities of cards can be quite daunting, offers a holiday and business option which takes care of large family or client lists easily and all with minimal effort.  Once a card is chosen, a message or signature can be uploaded to the website and Blue Bird Cards will print it within the card for delivery worldwide. Gift cards will also be available for inclusion with the card.
To help a customer personalize the card giving experience without added effort, can deliver a card with included envelope (if requested) to the customers door step. This will allow the customer to handwrite a special note in the card and sign it themselves. The customer can then deliver the card by hand or send it along in the mail. By including these different delivery options helps customers appropriately respond to any situation.
Once your cards are selected, everything will be taken care of for you. Furthermore, you don’t have to remember any dates, remembers for you and sends each card out on time to ensure punctual arrival. Easy selection, easy delivery, no remembering:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Giving Leads to Receiving

During the holiday season joy is abound and cash flows freely. This is a perfect time to remind your valuable customers and clients that you are ready and waiting for them. Sending out holiday cards to customers  is a great way to tell them you value their business and truly wish to serve them this holiday season and year to come. Sending out a card  refreshes memories, enhances business relationships, and keeps customers coming to your store.
With today's large variety of stores and services sending a greeting card shows you care for your customer and adds a personal touch that the customer can keep and display for the season. Sending out cards early is a great way to be on the top of your customers mind. It also affords your business with great presence in their home. Most people display their season's cards in their homes. Every time they pass by the card they are reminded of your generosity and service or products. Also visitors to your clients home will see your card and take note of the individual care you take with your clients/customers.  Remember to add your identifiable logo so that anyone can instantly recognize your business.
Blue Bird Cards has developed a dedicated site for business card giving at: